Beat Those Back-to-Work Blues

With the Festive Season coming to an end, beat the back-to-work blues, by starting the New Year right with the reliable new ridesharing service, CarTrip. The start of the school year historically shows an increase in traffic in major cities as well.  By adding an additional passenger or two to your vehicle, you can decrease the number of cars on the road, and thereby assist in reducing traffic congestion.  By reducing traffic congestion you also play your part in reducing carbon emissions, so it’s a win for you and the environment!

CarTrip is a ridesharing service using a website or mobile app that enables drivers to connect with passengers who are commuting along the same route (to the same office or school) in the comfort of reliable transportation, by paying a small fee. Easy booking and cashless rides are just a click away with CarTrip.

The Department of Energy recently announced another fuel hike.  As a CarTrip driver you can earn extra money!  If you travel approximately 50km, you could earn up to R120 per day and save on fuel costs by getting paid to travel the same route you usually do.

To find out more, visit, or download the CarTrip app, available for Android and iOS.

Make going back to work or school seem like a holiday with CarTrip.