Carpooling In Cape Town – Why It’s a Good Idea!

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The number of carpool users in Cape Town has dramatically increased in the last few years.

With the visible increase in petrol, jobs being many kilometres away from home and a wide variety of different contributing factors, people are starting to move toward the more cost effective and ultimately time effective use of carpooling or car sharing.

What is a Carpool?

A car pool can also be referred to as a lift club. What this entails is that a group of people who live in an area and work in the same area or at least near to each other, take turns to use their vehicle for the commute. In many countries carpooling is very common and actually viewed as a common way of commuting. Yet in South Africa it seems we have not cottoned on to this way of travelling yet. Most vehicles travelling into the city centre only carry the driver without any passengers at all.

Sometimes certain situations may arise that necessitate the need to travel from our home to other places, be they work or other places like transportation to Cape Town Airport etc. Transport especially in South Africa is notoriously unreliable, long winded and not a viable option for folks needing to get from a to b in a cost effective and timely manner. The reason you go on your journey is not as important as getting to your destination in one piece. With the newspapers constantly talking about the many taxi and bus accidents it makes sense to make your next trip accident free and enjoyable.

Are there any Benefits to Car Pooling In The Cape Town Area?

Although public transport for Cape Town especially has improved over the last few years, it can still be a challenge.

Many people choose to use their own cars over public Cape Town transport and daily drive far distances on their own. This is both expensive and tiring. Making use of an existing lift club in Cape Town makes great sense as you are saving your vehicle from excessive wear and tear and ultimately saving on maintenance costs. There is also a drastic saving with regards to fuel costs and you are also doing your small bit to reduce traffic congestion and to save the environment from yet more harmful exhaust fumes.

There is another benefit. It is safer to travel with people as it lessens the risk of the driver falling asleep or using his or her cell phone whilst driving. Lastly, carpooling provides you with company which can turn a boring commute into an enjoyable experience. So whether you need a lift to the Southern Suburbs, Somerset West, the Northern Suburbs, a shuttle service from Cape town international airport to the city or even UWC in Cape Town, you will be making traveling an enjoyable experience.

When you use a car pool you are saving petrol money, but also keep in mind that for the arrangement to work there has to be communication and an organised arrangement. If you are part of a carpool that you use on a regular basis it is important that schedules and ground rules be setup, this is two fold, firstly it ensures that either party feels in control and secure in their partnership and secondly it allows the arrangement to run smoothly.

Schedules range from monthly to weekly and a set amount of money should be agreed upon on each trip.

Now if you’re looking for lift clubs or a shuttle service of some kind then you might go take a look at the Gumtree Cape Town lift clubs which offer a good way to find what you are looking for, if you want to know exactly who you are traveling with however then CarTrip offers just that service, Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from using this revolutionary and cost effective service.

You save money while lift sharing

While its the truth that will have more privacy by driving on your own it is equally true that it is not the most cost effective procedure. With the cost of petrol and running costs mounting every day your vehicle budget may be on the rise. Often you need to get to work or to a concert in the City Centre, using CarTrip will help you to save money, wear and tear on your vehicle and will enable you to relax and focus on other things instead of focusing on navigating through thousands of cars to get to your destination.

Win Win for everyone

If you are a driver, you would be payed a flat fee of 80c per km with no change in fee rates or structure. This amount is there simply to enable to driver to recover some of the costs associated with driving. This works out cheaper then Uber or using a Taxi service. The world is fast becoming smaller with the advent of the internet accessibility. When you sign up with CarTrip you will be meeting people you otherwise might not have normally met in your local area. Since you most likely will be sharing moments with them on your travels, a warm and friendly atmosphere may be created between you and your fellow ride sharers.

Environmental Friendly

By using a ride sharing service that means that you are taking part in keeping the earth more healthy. Not only are you working toward keeping the roads quieter and less congested but it is estimated that over 5000 kg’s of green house gasses are reduced annually and over 2,200 litres of petrol are saved when 4 riders carpool.