Carpooling Reduces Congestion & Saves Money!

There is little doubt that their are enormous benefits to carpooling but from a commuters point of view (i.e. someone trying to get to work in the least amount of time) it seems like carpooling will take additional time. However, if we do a little commuter math, we can determine that, on average, carpooling actually saves time. Why? Let’s say, for example, that every commuter made an effort to carpool. An average commuting time to the Cape Town CBD during rush-hour from surrounding communities is about 1.5 hours. If we were able to reduce the number of cars by even 1/4 there would be a significant decrease in average commute time, possibly 30 minutes.

There is a certain volume of traffic that the roadways can easily handle. Up until that point, there is very little impact by adding traffic. But after that limit is reached, the congestion increases considerably for every additional car. So removing even 5% of the cars would reduce commute time by more than 5% on average.

How does Carpooling save money?

Most of us are aware that carpooling is a great way to conserve fuel and with the price of fuel being as high as it is, conserving fuel means conserving money! In fact, savings from carpooling can really add up.

If you estimate that most people drive a round trip to work of about 30 Km’s each day and that many cars use about 4-5 litres of fuel per 30 Km’s, if you carpool with one other person for a full year, you would save around 1000 litres of petrol!

Obviously these numbers are examples that could go up or down based on distance to work, fuel efficiency of the car, cost of petrol and the number of people carpooling, but this example makes it clear that carpooling offers huge potential savings each year.

Taking turns driving your own cars can offer even more savings since it helps extend the time between suggested car maintenance and preserves the life of your car.

How can you get involved?

Sign up to CarTrip for free and Find a Ride with a Trusted and Reviewed Driver or Offer a Ride to a Passenger. Once you have found your ride, chat to your driver to make an arrangement and then book online, it’s easy.

You can now meet at the agreed point and enjoy a trip together! You’ll make new friends and save money.