How to Have a Spontaneous Holiday


December is a month of joy, cheer but also sees a sharp increase in road rage. The stress of additional traffic caused by our inland friends coming to visit our coastal shores, coupled with the mile-long queues when doing your last-minute Christmas shopping, can leave a bitter taste in anyone’s mouth. It makes you want to run away screaming!

Running away might not be the most mature solution, but a spontaneous getaway should do the trick. There are several solutions to make planning a last-minute holiday easier:

Save on fuel costs and share a ride with someone travelling to the same destination as you are. Check out, and download their app (available on Android and iOS), to start your adventure. All drivers and passengers are rated on a public platform, so you’re ensured a safe and convenient ride.

Since the entire country seems to head down to the coast, that leaves the rest of country free to explore! Late bookings can be favourable, as some inland hotels are under-booked during this season, so will offer great rates. Alternately pack a tent and sleeping bag for a sleepover in one of South Africa’s many outdoor venues that offer incredible views! offers great accommodation on a budget.

South Africa has an abundance of fun and exciting activities to partake in. Head to your nearest Tourism Center for a list of things to do, or download the Awesome South Africa app. It gives you four colour-coded options: specials (red), events (blue), promotions (yellow) and news (green), with comprehensive filters to help you narrow things down so you can see who’s running a good pizza and drinks special and where hottest club is nearby. If you’re a nature buff, try for a comprehensive list of South African hiking and mountain biking trails.

All that’s left to do is to pack in your toothbrush and a change of clothes, and you’re on your way!