Local Ridesharing Platform Does Away With Fees To Benefit Members

“Can you give me lift please?” is a familiar term locally.  What with increasing fuel costs, the schlep of sitting in traffic, and maybe you don’t have enough credit on your card for that Uber. Being able to offer a ride to friends and family is a generous gesture, but opening your car to like-minded people can be a rewarding one.

Carpooling, or ridesharing, is not a new concept.  For years commuters have seen the benefits of making use of the empty seats in your car. There’s even a host of handy mobile apps on the market that makes connecting Drivers and Passengers that much easier.  Unfortunately, they all come at a price.

Except CarTrip.  

CEO, Chris Faure, noticed that thousands of Passengers were looking for rides, but were finding difficulty in matching their needs with open seats. “We realized that the only way Drivers would realise the true benefits of ridesharing, was when they tried it for themselves.  Therefore we have decided to waive our fees!”.

With its easy user interface and friendly customer service, CarTrip keeps piling on the benefits.  If you drive your own vehicle, CarTrip encourage you to download the app and list your ride today.  You could earning extra money in the time it’s taken you to read this article.

How does it work?

For Car Owners:

The process is very simple.  You create a profile, post your ride and set your preferences (e.g. no smoking, chatty in the car etc) and people willing to travel to the same location will book seats in your car.  

For Passengers:

You book your seats online by just entering your departure and arrival points and the travel date, then choose a car owner offering a ride going the same way.

CarTrip provides the service FREE of charge and this includes; managing the platform, banking fees, SMS and email fees, transaction management, moderation service, member support, web hosting, bandwidth, mobile applications, web development and data processing.

We could list all the other benefits of ridesharing, such is relieving traffic congestion, reducing CO2 emissions… even just making new friends on an otherwise lonely ride, but until you experience it for yourself you’ll never know.

This is the perfect opportunity to see for yourself what all the hype is about.  Visit www.cartrip.co.za, or download the app on Google Play or the iStore for more information.