Local tech company offers its services at zero cost during City bus strikes

CarTrip is offering its services at no cost to drivers after Transport MEC, Brett Herron, suggested carpooling as one of the solutions to curb transport issues during the Cape Town bus strike period.

Chris Faure, founder and CEO of this local ridesharing platform, said they were willing to offer their services pro bono for the duration of the bus strikes in a bid to lift some of the anxiety experienced by commuters during this period.

“As South Africans struggle to figure out alternative transport to work and back during the strike action, carpooling is the safest and most affordable way to travel in general and especially during this volatile strike period. We would like to do our bit by offering the use of our platform at no charge.”

While passengers opting to share a ride with a CarTrip driver will still be liable to contribute towards the trip, drivers listing rides over this period will not be liable to pay an admin fee for using the platform.

What many people don’t realise is that this strike affects us all. Traffic congestion increases dramatically as soon as there is a problem with public transport. Filling those empty seats in your car will not only alleviate the congestion, but will also add extra Rands in your pocket.

About CarTrip:

CarTrip is an internet-based ridesharing platform whereby car drivers and potential passengers can connect using a website or mobile application. The driver is travelling from one destination to another destination, independent of any passengers, and can pick up and drop them off along the way, with minor deviations, for the convenience of the pickup and drop-off.

For more information visit  www.cartrip.co.za