Moms Love to Carpool!

Moms love to carpool! They have been doing it for years because not only do they save money and time, it’s often nice to have a longer sleep in the morning or to get the day off (from driving) now and then! Yes, carpools take responsibility  — you have other children’s lives in your hands, and vice-versa, you’re trusting someone else to drive your child around. That being said, there are huge benefits to carpooling: it’s great for the environment, saving time, and your sanity and now thanks to CarTrip it’s easier than ever before!

We understand that sometimes there are those days when the carpool just doesn’t work for you: your child either needs to go to school earlier or stay longer after school. It could mean you have to make a special trip to pick them up or arrange with another person to do the lifting. With CarTrip this will now be a thing of the past. There are hundreds other parents that are in the same boat as you. Spread the word and get fellow parents to register with CarTrip and list their trips to and from school.

Although we’ve done most of the work by creating an easy-to-use platform, it still requires some patience and care when piling a group of kids into a car, so we’ve compiled some tips to help you be a great carpool mom and get through the school year smoothly.

4 Top Tips to being a good Carpool mom:

Map your route!

Before shaking hands, you have to map out a schedule. That’s when you’ll discover if your idea of fair ride sharing gels with other parents’. It may be that a mom with a single child in the carpool feels that since you have double the kids, you take on double the drives.

And make sure that all carpool members are committed until the school year ends. Next, think about timing. If you are making three stops in the morning, you won’t have 10 minutes to hoot while kids are still getting dressed.

Get strapped up!

Now it’s time to talk car set-up. Are some kids old enough to ride in the front? Do some need car seats? If kids are small, make sure all parents are aware of the law regarding car seats! And of course, dont forget about seat-belts!

Set ground-rules!

If you have in-car rules, it’s your job to communicate them to both parents and kids. No eating allowed? We have these kinds of options on our user profiles, so make sure to mention anything else that is or isn’t allowed in the comments e.g. cursing, no fighting, no gum! If so, discuss in advance how you will all deal with discipline problems. Otherwise, you run the risk of your kids rushing in the door to tell you the carpool mom is mean, or having that mom accuse you of being unfair.

Stay in touch!

The best carpools start and end with communication. That means keeping your cellphone on at carpool time, and consulting your calendar as many times as you need to. Inevitably, one day, a child won’t emerge from school, or will want to go to a friend’s house to work on a project, and you will have to contact the parent to ask what to do. There’s nothing more frustrating than not having your phone or getting another parent’s voice mail when you’re standing with cold kids in an empty parking lot.

Don’t delay – join CarTrip and, for a very small fee, your life might become a whole lot simpler!

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