Save Money with Costs of Street Parking on the Rise!

Not only is it difficult to find street parking but it becomes increasingly expensive to do so, and at R10,50 per hour, it’s near impossible to afford if you work in the Jo’burg or Cape Town CBD. If you have to make use of this service Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm it would total to R1890.00 per month.There’s also no getting out of it, with the “I don’t have enough change excuse” like with your usual car guard tipping. In innercity Jo’burg, the JMPD make use of the CCTV cameras located all over the city to keep an eye on things. Fines for parking longer than the allotted time paid for, have also been enforced in most cities.There are now also so many new payment options! The City of Cape Town announced, in May 2016, that MasterCard, VISA or American Express cards are now accepted to pay for kerbside parking.

Parking marshals have been equipped with handheld point-of-sale (POS) devices which now make it possible for motorists to pay for parking with their bank cards.

Brett Herron, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member: Transport for Cape Town said: “The marshals with the handheld POS devices are wearing badges indicating that they can accept card payments. The POS devices make it easier and more convenient to pay for parking as motorists do not always have cash on hand and then have to search for an ATM to withdraw money.”

Since October 2014, motorists have been able to use a smartphone payment application, SnapScan, as an alternative payment option.

Herron said:  “I want to assure motorists that the parking marshals are still obliged to accept cash as payment for parking, despite the additional payment methods that are now available.

How can CarTrip help?

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for job creation and glad that this initiative has created so many, but we can’t deny the costs involved for drivers. So we’d like to introduce you to a way that you can make some of the money back that you spend daily getting to work and paying for parking.

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