Why Ride Share Between Cities: The Facts…..

Intercity carpooling is a growing trend within South Africa due to the always increasing everyday living and travel expenses. People are realising the financial benefits in considering rideshare South Africa programmes. Companies such as cartrip.co.za are offering a safe and reliable portal where travellers are able to source affordable transport options.

If you wish to travel between Johannesburg and Cape Town, there are many benefits from choosing driving as your mode of transportation; not taking costs into account just yet, advantages with regards to more luggage space available and having a car at your disposal at your destination can sometimes outweigh the time factor. However now considering the price of petrol and tolls, one would assume that road travel is the least affordable … not if you find a lift South Africa!

What are the savings involved?

Let’s break it down – if you travel from Cape Town to Johannesburg (or vice versa) your total driving distance is approximately 1397km. Averaging on about 15km per litre of fuel you could expect to spend at least R1500 on petrol alone. Tolls amount to approximately R154, so only adding a small percentage to your total. This is already slightly more affordable than flying to your destination, especially during peak seasons. Now, if you were to offer transport to Cape Town from Johannesburg to a fellow traveller you could immediately cut this amount in half. Yes, the time factor could influence your decision as it would take about 13 hours to drive between the two cities (excluding resting time), but if your passenger is a licenced driver you could work out a driving schedule and split the load. Having someone to talk to will also help melt away the hours. Is this sounding more appealing?why-ride-share-between-cities

There are of course other forms of transportation. We have touched on the fact that plane travel can sometimes be quite expensive, and not all destinations have airports. Bus travel can be very uncomfortable and slow and train travel is even slower. Road travel allows you to be in control; you are able to determine your own safe driving speed, your own route and when or where you would like to stop. Driving allows you the freedom to be free. From a patriotic point of view, this would be an opportunity for you to explore South Africa and marvel at the vast landscapes along the way. When travelling from Gauteng to the Western Cape fantastic photographic opportunities await as you cross over from the bushy Highveld region into the arid Karoo and finally being welcomed by the majestic mountains and lush Cape vineyards. Truly spectacular.

Whatever your modus operandi is to travel between Cape Town and Johannesburg, albeit business or leisure, this car sharing concept is the way to go. Cycle enthusiasts taking part in the Cape Argus in March 2017 are well aware that transporting cycle equipment is a challenging and expensive task. Couriers are not always reliable and flights are fully booked due to the 35000 cyclists taking part, thus driving is your solution and carpooling is the answer. The same could be said about any activity which requires equipment logistics and where hundreds of athletes are heading to the same destination.

We have only taken one route into account but this lift club South Africa initiative could take you across every province. Transport from Durban to Johannesburg for example is a mere 6-hour drive, a quick weekend getaway, and now, affordable.

Pro’s and Con’s

The advantages largely outweigh the obstacles. For example – environmentally conscious travellers could consider that carpooling allows for less vehicles on the roads therefore less toxic gas emissions. A thumbs up from nature.

Many South Africans would argue the security factor; that offering a lift to a total stranger is no longer plausible. Of course you would need to feel secure, and by working through a reputable company such as cartrip.co.za you can take comfort in knowing that all members are publicly reviewed and that you have the ultimate choice in who you will allow into your personal space. The members have only one shared goal in mind and that is to get from point A to point B in the most cost effective manner.ride-share

Be aware that the rideshare system is not in any form referring to a taxi or shuttle structure nor is it suggesting side of the road hitch-hiking The ‘contract’ you make as the driver with your passenger is solely at your discretion and any conditions are agreed to amongst yourselves prior to your journey. This is merely opening up your thoughts to a travel alternative and a way to save some money.

Consider this information the next time you plan your journey. Investigate a car sharing South Africa programme and you yourself could even catch a lift from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

Be part of the ‘now’ generation. Be an explorer, a risk taker. Don’t let the financial stresses of life discourage you from living, especially when there is a simple solution a mere click away. Cartrip.co.za.