Ridesharing really is for everyone

Ridesharing or Carpooling (as many people know it) is the act of sharing a ride in your vehicle with someone who is travelling along the same route. As the driver, this is an awesome opportunity to earn some extra cash by having a passenger essentially pay to use your empty seats. The passenger also benefits by saving on their travel expenses, as this form of transport is substantially cheaper than travelling by many other means.

So why aren’t more people taking advantage of this? Well it seems that compatibility is one of the keys to ridesharing success.

A professor at the University of Waterloo has found, in his research published in Transportation Research Part C, that matching drivers and passengers on a social level plays a large role in the success of the ridesharing phenomenon. Getting into a stranger’s car, or vice versa, is awkward as it is, but knowing a bit more about that person, by reading their comprehensive profile, allows you to know what to expect and makes choosing a riding partner something to look forward to.

To facilitate more compatibility with drivers and passengers,  SA ridesharing platform, CarTrip, allows their members to specify their preferences with regard to chatting, smoking, music and pets in the car.  

Their platform offers you the chance to connect with likeminded people for FREE.

Once you’ve registered, make sure that you set up your profile with as much information as possible, to ensure you enjoy a smooth ride together.  Include as many details as possible when completing your profile. This will not only help you to increase the number of matches, but will also ensure that the drive, whether long or short, is a pleasant one.

About CarTrip:

With its easy user interface and friendly customer service, CarTrip keeps piling on the benefits.  If you drive your own vehicle, CarTrip encourage you to download the app and list your ride today.  You could earning extra money in the time it’s taken you to read this article.

How does it work?

For Car Owners

The process is very simple.  You create a profile, post your ride and set your preferences (e.g. no smoking, chatty in the car etc) and people willing to travel to the same location will book seats in your car.  

For Passengers

You book your seats online by just entering your departure and arrival points and the travel date, then choose a car owner offering a ride going the same way.

CarTrip provides the service FREE of charge and this includes; managing the platform, banking fees, SMS and email fees, transaction management, moderation service, member support, web hosting, bandwidth, mobile applications, web development and data processing.

We could list all the other benefits of ridesharing, such as relieving traffic congestion, reducing CO2 emissions… even just making new friends on an otherwise lonely ride, but until you experience it for yourself you’ll never know.
This is the perfect opportunity to see for yourself what all the hype is about.  Visit www.cartrip.co.za, or download the app on Google Play or the iStore for more information.