Save money travelling to, or from, the Airport!

Cape Town International Airport sees millions of visitors every year – be it for work or leisure! Many local visitors used to travel to Cape Town by train or bus, however nowadays flying remains the method most people choose to travel, simply for the speed. Low cost airlines have also opened up travel to a wider demographic, those who cannot afford the prices of full service airlines. You can now fly from as little as R499 one way!

Those visiting Cape Town need transport to get to their various destinations.  Although there are several travel options, airport shuttles and independent taxi’s tend to be the go to’s but – little do tourists know – that these are the most expensive modes of transport.

Car rental might allow you to drive whenever you want and not be drawn back with scheduling and a payment for each ride. However you would have to know how to drive and be able to pay the fees on your credit card beforehand. You would also be responsible for the vehicle during your hire period, and that means paying extra for insurance. It is a popular option but the hassle of the admin leaves many uninterested in this option.

A lot of private taxis operate from Cape Town Airport and you would be able to hire one for budget, luxury or seating purposes. Taxi rates are notorious for being very expensive, it can cost up to R500 to the city centre. Still they are often used because tourists have either given in to the loudly voiced “taxi? taxi?” or just for the mere fact that they’re readily available outside the door.

Cape Town International Airport shuttle’s travel along a set route throughout the day. Airports offer this service to allow passengers efficient transport between the airport and other spots, however these can also be costly. Routes may differ between the various Cape Town International Airport shuttle service providers, but drop points will include hotels and popular stops within the city. Shuttle vehicles are a frequent sight at the airport as many people use them for the reliance of their scheduling along with the transfer rates being slightly less than that of taxi’s.

Where does CarTrip come in?

CarTrip is a new way of carpooling or ride sharing. At a flat fee of 80c per kilometre with no peak rates, CarTrip is several times cheaper than a taxi or an airport shuttle! It connects people who need a ride with people who are offering a ride in their car. Passengers pay a small fee and get point-to-point transportation in a comfortable car and drivers are able to get a cost reimbursement for their costs. A win-win situation for all parties, including the environment. So if you need a ride to or from the airport or you’d like to offer a ride to or from the airport, then check out for more information.