The Top 5 Apps Every Traveler Needs This Festive Season

With the silly season officially upon us, local and international travelers will be roaming across South Africa as tourists and thankfully South Africa has a number of innovative apps and platforms specifically geared for local traveling which are guaranteed to make your travels hassle-free.

An avid traveler, founder and CEO of Car Trip, Chris Faure shares his top five travel resources this summer:

WiFi Finder

This nifty little app helps you to locate Wi-Fi hotspots and lets you know if the Wi-Fi is free or if you need to pay for it. You can search for over 550 000 free and paid Wi-Fi locations in 144 countries worldwide, including South Africa. You’ll never have to worry about running out of data again with this app – available on Android.

Kids Aid

This award-winning South African app is vital to any parent travelling anywhere with children. It offers a talk-through explanation on how to treat various medical problems including poisoning, drowning, bleeding, choking, CPR and so much more. In a panicked situation, this app will help you to know exactly what to do, and what not to do. Available on Apple and Android.

Wildlife Tracker

Useful when travelling to Kruger National Park, Wildlife Tracker is helpful in locating your favourite wild animals when you traverse the stunning Kruger landscapes. It’s like having a game ranger in the car with you directing you to exactly where you should go. It also allows you to protect endangered animals by sending out an alert if you notice any illegal activity. This is a windows phone app, and “Live Updates” or “Drive-to” updates are in-app purchases that you will need to pay for.

22Seven from Old Mutual

You don’t have to invest with Old Mutual to take advantage of this really helpful financial app which creates a personalised travel budget for you. Simply input your multiple account information with all your transactions, and this helpful app will create a budget for you that is honest. It will also guide you so that you don’t overspend and get into a financial pickle. All private information put into the app is encrypted, so it’s a super safe app to have. Download it for Android here or iOS here.


This website and soon-to-be mobile app (available on android and IOS) is the ultimate ridesharing platform. With a special focus on events and long distance ridesharing, travellers and event goers can look for a ride or offer a ride anywhere in South Africa. The platform allows travellers to connect and socialize in a way they wouldn’t normally do when using other public transport methods and allows for both rider and driver to reduce their travel costs. Whether you are looking for a ride to a concert or sporting event, or wanting to offer a seat up in your car while en route to Durban or Cape Town over the holidays, Car Trip offers a safe and reliable way to do this.