The Top 5 Benefits of Carpooling

What are the biggest benefits of carpooling?

There are so many benefits of carpooling from lowering stress, reducing traffic and increasing kurt carbon footprint to saving on time and money. Now with CarTrip, there’s one more: making a little money!

Carpooling is an affordable and convenient travel option.

For example, on a CarTrip from Bellville to Cape Town, the price per passenger will only be about R 20.00. That’s about a third of a taxi or Uber ride costs. In fact, with CarTrip you can now get anywhere for the same price as a bus ticket – its just much safer, more convenient and that much more comfortable!

Carpooling reduces stress.

We earn so that we can live a comfortable life but when you stop enjoying life and spending most of your waking hours either travelling or working; you’re bound to stress. With CarTrip you can rather read, sleep, work, socialise or just plain relax instead of being stuck behind the wheel yourself in rush-hour traffic.

Save on the maintenance of your own vehicle – should you own one.

For drivers, carpooling helps offset the high cost of owning a vehicle (the average car costs its owner over R 25,000 per year in fuel, insurance, licensing, maintenance, tolls etc.) The average driver could recoup around R 20 000 per annum towards his driving costs should he share his daily commute with 3 other passengers.

Great for the environment.

For the environment, the widespread use of carpooling would drastically reduce the amount of CO2 emissions emitted by motor vehicles. It is estimated that each carpool with four riders can reduce greenhouse gases annually by over 5000 kgs which is the equivalent of over 2200 litres of petrol.

All those unnecessary cars on the road are just adding to the worlds problems.

Reduce traffic and no parking troubles

Driving in ‘office hours’ is like driving in a battlefield; roads are a war torn area, where everyone is fighting to reach their office on time. Not to mention the fact that you now have to pay for parking (at up to R6 per half hour) in the Cape Town CBD and surrounds. The solution is quite simple really. Less number of cars on the road means, less number of people trying to drive you over while going to work. Not to mention, getting home faster after a hard day’s work!

Think about it? If everyone is either offering or accepting a ride on CarTrip – wouldn’t the drive become a lot less fussy?  

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