What is Carpooling or Ride Sharing?

Carpooling (also known as car sharing, trip sharing or ride sharing) is when several people travel together by car and share the cost of the trip. You probably already car share very often with family and friends: every time you take the car together you share the cost of a trip with them. In much the same way, CarTrip connects drivers with empty seats and paying passengers, so that they can share the cost of a trip together, and save money.

Connecting Drivers & Passengers

For drivers, carpooling or car sharing helps offset high vehicle costs: the average car costs its owner around R 25 000 per year! For example, car sharing for a one way trip from Johannesburg to Pretoria saves the driver around R 50.00

For passengers, car sharing is a cheap and convenient travel option. For example, a ride from Cape to Bellville costs only about R18.00.

Regular vs One-Off Carpooling

There are two kinds of car sharing, regular car sharing and one-off car sharing.

A regular car share is often a daily trip between home and work, over a shorter distance,

frequently organised within one’s home community, and with the same people.

A one-off car share is generally over a longer distance and happens more unusually (weekend breaks or holidays for example). Trips are planned on a specific date. Costs are shared per trip, and passengers pay their contribution to the trip costs in the car.

CarTrip members use our platform to easily organise both kinds of car shares.

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